Kellerei Chanton, Kantonsstrasse 70, 3930 Visp
Telefon 027 946 21 53, Fax 027 946 21 47,

Valais, Switzerland

From impossibly picturesque and steep vineyards, the wines from this Alpine canton are booming in quality, discovers Sue Style. And are perfect to enjoy with raclette.

By the time you reach Visp in the upper reaches of the valley, it’s easy to see why an 1876 British traveller described the region as ‘fearsomely wild’. Here Chanton Weine ( practises extreme wine growing at its most challenging best.

The reputation of this 8ha family winery rests on its tireless championing of rarities like Gwass – described by Dr José Vouillamoz, joint author of the award-winning reference work Wine Grapes, as the ‘Casanova of the vine world’, since, with the help of Pinot (and other varieties), it has spawned almost all the worthwhile wine grapes extant today – as well as the exotically named Lafnetscha, Himbertscha and Rèze. Take a parting sip of its Heida, a prized golden drop grown 800m up on the vertiginous slopes of Visperterminen. 


from Sue Style

Aufgeschaltet am 6. Januar 2014